Child Safety

Monbulk Marlins Swimming Club is a Child Safe Organisation and values the safety of all children and young people

As part of our commitment to Children and Young People, the Monbulk Marlins Swimming Club seek to:

a) provide a safe and supportive environment for Children and Young People;
b) ensure that the experiences of Children and Young People are free from any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming;
c) empower Children and Young People to act and respond to behaviour that is not acceptable or inappropriate;
d) publicise and make available the Codes of Behaviour that underpin our sport;
e) make information available on who Children and Young People can approach if they feel unsafe or they become aware of or are concerned about any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming;
f) establish a reporting framework that allows Children and Young People and others to report any incident affecting the safety and wellbeing of Children and Young People; and
g) provide support services to any Child or Young Person and their families who might be affected by any form of Prohibited Conduct including Child Abuse or Grooming
h) take reasonable steps to promote the cultural safety of Aboriginal Children and Children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as promoting the safety of Children with a disability.

Please refer to the following links for our Child Safe documents

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letter to families October 2023