Information for Parents

Monbulk Marlins Swimming Club Handbook

Communication with your coach

The coaching staff would love to be kept informed of your child’s wellbeing and are there to help with any general enquiries.

  • Swimmers and Parents are encouraged to talk with their coaches about any issues, concerns, suggestions or difficulties they may be experiencing.
  • It is requested that you approach the coaches either before or after training. If your discussions could take more than a few minutes, please arrange a time to meet when they have more time and can give you their undivided attention or alternatively you may email the coaches at .
  • Parents are asked not to speak with the coaches whilst training is in progress.


While we understand there are quite a few things that are out of our control in life, we cannot stress enough the importance of being at training on time. Swimmers are expected to be at training on time for warm-up, in their swimming gear with equipment. Please check our timetable for the latest details.

Warm-up is a vital part of training whether it is in the pool or at dryland and reduces the risk of injury to a swimmer. 

Equipment for Training

To assist in your child’s training, please ensure that your child has all their training equipment at every session.

Squad calendar

Please check the latest details on the calendar to view the recommendations of competitions and club activities your coach advises you to attend.

Please speak to your child’s coach if you have any questions, e.g. whether they should be entering a particular competition, what distances they should be swimming.

Entering Competition Meets online

Most swim meets must now be entered online through Swimming Victoria. On registration with the Club, you will have received a username and password that allowed you to register on the Swimming Victoria Member Portal.  The same username and password are used to enter swim meets online.

Please Note:

  • Timing of events is confirmed by the organiser.
  • Appropriate swimwear ruling applies from Swimming Victoria

Attending Meets

To give your child the best possible opportunity to perform well on race day:

  • Please arrive at the warm-up time announced by the Head Coach via email or newsletter, or
  • If arriving later, arrive for warm-up at least 1 hour prior to your child’s first event/race.

Warm-Up at Meets

Warm-up is extremely important for all swimmers.  Warm-ups are individual and are related to your child’s ability/squad.  It’s scientifically proven that the more time your child has for warm-up which involves stretching on pool deck and then some pool work (this increases blood flow to muscles and assists in mental preparation), the better your child will perform in his/her races.  A common misconception is to think that your child will get tired and therefore should only do a few laps.  This not only doesn’t help in anyway, but will increase the possibility of your child getting hurt when racing as their muscles will be very stiff.