How Do We Operate?

The club is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers. We are affiliated with Swimming Victoria and Australian Swimming.

The role of the committee is to exercise good governance with respect to the strategic and operational requirements of the club. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets on a regular basis, generally once a month or as required throughout the season.

Helpful Parents: The success of the Monbulk Marlins Swimming Club depends on the support of the volunteer parents. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in helping out. This includes assisting with time keeping and officiating at meets as well as the usual rolls required for the running of any club. Your particular skills and experience will be greatly appreciated.


President:  Richard Licciardi
Vice President: Meloney King
Treasurer: Nadia Beardshaw
Secretary: Melissa Reid
Registrar: Troy McDonald
District Representative: Aaron Reid, Sam Davidson
Grievance Office: Nerea Huidobro
Website and Newsletter: Emma Ravensdale, Francine Vanderlinde, Ben Vanderlinde
Aggregate and Club Championships: Narelle Guglielmi
Technical Officer: Emma Ravensdale
Uniform Officer: Linda McBride
General Committee: Kirstie Thomas, Adam Laurie, Emma Ravensdale, Kellie McDonald
Catering Committee: Kylie Watson, Cathy Harland, Nicholle Gathercole

Important Note

Belgravia Leisure is a corporation that manages over 50 swimming pools throughout Australia. Belgravia Leisure currently holds the lease for the running of the Monbulk community pool.

Our club is a separate entity to Belgravia Leisure. Our club is run by a committee of community minded volunteers. The front reception desk are Belgravia Leasure employees and do not assist with any enquiries regarding our club, so for further information please email us or pick up the phone.