First Marlins Aggregate Meet for 2024

Last call for Marlins. RSVP today!

Aggregates are for all club members from junior bronze to gold, whether you’ve been swimming with us for only weeks or for years. They are a great way for all swimmers to experience the competition environment in familiar surroundings where the aim is to improve your own best time rather than touch the wall first. Aggregates are a fun opportunity for swimmers to see the results of their hard work at training, and for family and friends to show their support.

The aggregate program is planned to regularly record a swimmer’s individual times across all strokes and distances during the year. At our annual presentation night, Aggregate Awards are based on points awarded for a swimmer’s time improvement across the year and are given out for each age group. Swimmers who start attending aggregates soon after they join the Marlinsusually see great improvements in their times which inspires them to train regularly and their point scores reflect this improvement so we encourage you to begin attending as soon as you join the club. Attending as often as possible gives your child the best chance of recording updated times for as many strokes as possible.

For swimmers who choose not to race at external competitions, the aggregates are also the only way for them to obtain times for squad progression. Without these documented times, criteria can’t be met and swimmers are unable to progress through the squads. Attending aggregates is a part of a swimmer’s commitment to squad swimming and most members enjoy the challenge of aiming for a PB each month as well as being a great chance to build their social connections.

If your child is competing in Swim Vic competitions you may also have purchased the Meet Mobile app and results are also posted there for your convenience. Search for the meet by date, eg. Aggregate 22nd October. These results will not appear under your child’s normal profile on the app so you will need to ‘favourite’ them separately. 

To enter send your rsvp to