Squad Descriptions

Bronze Squad

BRONZE squad is an introduction to competitive swimming, but the emphasis is firmly placed on having fun, socialising, promoting health and fitness and improving stroke technique.

The initial goal of BRONZE Squad is to transition swimmers from the learn-to-swim programs of the swimming schools towards competitive swimming. Then to continue to develop the technique of swimmers who have already learned freestyle and backstroke with a good understanding of breaststroke.

Training sessions are programmed to create correct competitive swimming techniques, develop breaststroke and butterfly and increase stamina and fitness. This squad also focuses on teaching the skills such as starts and turns.

Silver Squad

SILVER swimmers have either developed all four strokes to a reasonable level in BRONZE Squad or are older swimmers who have recently joined the club. Programs are technically more challenging and promote greater endurance in swimmers. Training emphasises enjoyment with an understanding of health and fitness and the encouragement of making friends.

At this level most swimmers are aware of the competition rules and are entering swim meets recommended by their coaches. Swimmers are continuing to develop their fitness, endurance and technique; some may be aiming for State Qualifying Times.

Gold Squad

Swimmers entering GOLD squad will have an introduction to State level swimming with increased sessions, higher intensity and volume. GOLD Squad swimmers show potential to swim State times over 50m during the current season. With a shift in training focus to speed and endurance it also focuses on more advanced technique and fine tuning. The year is planned out with phase training aimed at allowing swimmers to be performing at their best for major competitions.

With all squads to get the best results training must be consistent every week! 

The decision about the appropriate squad for each swimmer is made by the coaches based on multiple factors including their assessment of each swimmer’s stroke techniques, swimming fitness, age, aspirations and participation in swimming competitions as well as friendship considerations.

Coaches, in consultation with the committee, will determine movements between the squads and swimmers will receive a letter offering them the opportunity to move to another squad. Coaches will forward recommendations to the executive committee for consideration and approval. Parents will be notified of the executive’s decision, seeking their permission prior to swimmers progressing into the next level.

For families with multiple children swimming who are experiencing difficulty with coordinating swimming nights, please discuss concerns with the coaches to identify a viable solution.

Swimmers 10 & under must be supervised by a parent or guardian during training sessions.

Criteria for Squad Progression