Monbulk Marlins aggregates are in-house competitions held once a month on a Sunday evening. Members are sent an email to RSVP prior to each aggregate. Please email Jill with any aggregate queries.

Aggregates are not compulsory but we encourage all swimmers, even non-competitive swimmers, to attend. Our swimmers work hard at training to improve stroke technique, endurance and speed. By measuring times over different distances and strokes we help swimmers understand how they are progressing, to set goals, and to see the results of their training. Aggregates are also an opportunity for swimmers to practice racing skills such as starts and turns – important skills if they do decide to compete.

Aggregates are not about swimmers competing against each other, but against their own personal best times, and are a fantastic chance to socialise, have fun, and see the results of all of their hard work! They are also a great chance for parents to meet other club parents and to get involved.

Upcoming Aggregate Dates

Dates are subject to change:

  • TBA

Aggregate Results

Live aggregate results are available via the MeetMobile App (see below), and are also published here throughout the event. You will need the password to access the website results. This will be shared via the private Facebook page before the event.

MeetMobile App

  • Download the MeetMobile app on ios or android.
  • Search for “Monbulk” under meets (program will be published just before the event).
  • “Favourite” your swimmer(s) and allow notifications for quick access to results.
  • Note that swimmers who compete in other competitions will have 2 (or more) entries in MeetMobile. Aggregates are under “Monbulk” instead of “Monbulk Aquatic Club”.