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Marlins Club Championships

Entries are now open and will close at 9pm on Friday May 17th. To get your entry in please follow the link to the Trybooking form.

2024 club champs entries

No late entries will be accepted

Dear Marlins families

The Monbulk Marlins hold our annual Club Championship event every year to celebrate the end of the competition season. This is the culmination of our swimming year and gives our swimmers a chance to see how they have improved and set some awesome PB’s to beat for the following year.

Behind the scenes work is nearly complete for this years event on 25th and 26th May and entries will soon be opening. Entries will be done online via the trybooking website and the link will be sent out shortly. The entry period will close at 9pm on May 17th and no late entries will be accepted so please ensure you get your entry done on time.

Club Championships is open to all swimmers in the club and everyone is encouraged to attend. The championship runs over two evening sessions and you may elect to attend one or both nights (however the event program is not finalised until entries have been received).

All entered swimmers will automatically be placed into the 50m and 100m events in all strokes except for the 100m butterfly which will be optional for swimmers aged 12 and under only. Every effort will be made to accommodate swimmers who elect to only attend one night, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all individual events selected for one night only as it depends on the number of swimmers and entries we receive. The final program will be made available to families on the day before the event.

Everyone is encouraged to attend even if you are new to the club. Coaches may use their discretion if your child feels they are not able to compete in all strokes/distances so please secure your entry online first and catch up with a coach on pool deck in the coming week if you have any concerns.

There are also a number of trophy events, many of which are designed to give swimmers of all abilities an opportunity to win. Winners of these events will have their name engraved on the perpetual trophy as well as receiving their own trophy to keep and winners will be announced at presentation night. You need to select these individually on the entry form and further details on these events can be found below.

We will be arranging a meal to share on Saturday night after the swimming. You will need to select this option on the entry form if you wish to stay on and eat with us.

Swimmers will be expected to arrive at 5pm on both evenings so that the coaches can brief them on the procedure, run a warm up session and the event can start on time. Finish time will be approximately 9:30pm on Saturday and 8.30pm on Sunday.

We also run some 25m novice events for siblings and friends of the club who are not currently members and these can also be signed up for on the booking page so get those youngsters in the pool practising their sprints.

As always, at the Marlins we encourage participation and enjoyment above all else and Club Champs is traditionally an event where every swimmer is supported to have a go, even if they have never swum an aggregate or competition before. Ribbons are awarded by age group on the night and points go towards age group champions on presentation night. The coaches are always available to talk to the kids and have a wealth of experience of swimming at this event during their own time as club swimmers, so please encourage your kids to speak with a coach if they have any questions about what is involved or concerns about entering.

Finally, we are seeking sponsors from the community to support the costs of this annual event. A letter is attached and if you know any business owners who might be able to provide some funds to help out this year we would appreciate your help in forwarding a copy on to them. If you prefer, you can let me know and the committee can approach them directly.  

Keep an eye on your emails for entry information.  

Perpetual Trophies:

100m Bill Smit Breaststroke Handicap Trophy 

Named in honour after Bill Smit, one of our life members who is still very active in the club. This is a mixed race and it is awarded to the swimmer who swims closest to, or furthest under the state time in their age group.

100m Backstroke Patricia Lane Trophies (Boys & Girls) 

Presented in honour of Patricia Lane who swam with the club in the 1970’s. Patricia died tragically in a house fire and this trophy was created in her memory. It is awarded to the fastest 100m Backstroke Male and Female swimmer.

100m Watson Butterfly Trophy 

This award was donated by the Watson family to commemorate their Daughter Zaphna’s time at the club. She was an excellent butterflier and went on to what was known as a “super club” back in the late 1980’s to progress her swimming career. It is unknown what happened to her thereafter. This is a mixed race and it is awarded to the swimmer who swims closest to, or furthest under the state time for their age group.

Shire of Yarra Ranges 400m Freestyle Handicap Trophy 

This trophy was donated by the Shire of Yarra Ranges and is swum as a freestyle handicap race over 400m.

200 Individual Medley Fin Boyle Memorial Trophy (Boys & Girls) 

Presented in honour of Mr. Finn Boyle, a past president of Monbulk Marlins Swimming Club. His two girls Katie and Lucy both swam and coached with the MAC for many years. Finn Boyle’s life was tragically cut short in a drowning accident and this trophy was created in his memory. It is awarded to the fastest 200m IM Male and Female swimmer.

First Marlins Aggregate Meet for 2024

Last call for Marlins. RSVP today!

Aggregates are for all club members from junior bronze to gold, whether you’ve been swimming with us for only weeks or for years. They are a great way for all swimmers to experience the competition environment in familiar surroundings where the aim is to improve your own best time rather than touch the wall first. Aggregates are a fun opportunity for swimmers to see the results of their hard work at training, and for family and friends to show their support.

The aggregate program is planned to regularly record a swimmer’s individual times across all strokes and distances during the year. At our annual presentation night, Aggregate Awards are based on points awarded for a swimmer’s time improvement across the year and are given out for each age group. Swimmers who start attending aggregates soon after they join the Marlinsusually see great improvements in their times which inspires them to train regularly and their point scores reflect this improvement so we encourage you to begin attending as soon as you join the club. Attending as often as possible gives your child the best chance of recording updated times for as many strokes as possible.

For swimmers who choose not to race at external competitions, the aggregates are also the only way for them to obtain times for squad progression. Without these documented times, criteria can’t be met and swimmers are unable to progress through the squads. Attending aggregates is a part of a swimmer’s commitment to squad swimming and most members enjoy the challenge of aiming for a PB each month as well as being a great chance to build their social connections.

If your child is competing in Swim Vic competitions you may also have purchased the Meet Mobile app and results are also posted there for your convenience. Search for the meet by date, eg. Aggregate 22nd October. These results will not appear under your child’s normal profile on the app so you will need to ‘favourite’ them separately. 

To enter send your rsvp to

Bring us your empties

The Marlins have registered with Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme so now when you recycle your drink containers you can donate the proceeds to the Marlins. Alternatively you can send the cans with your Marlin to training and we will take them in for you. All money raised goes to support the Marlins Award Night and representative teams. You can keep track of the total raised here!

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